We travel thousands and thousands of miles all over this great country doing installs. The problem is we never know where the next job leads us until we have a customer that calls upon us to do a job. Most customers do not mind paying a little mileage surcharge for our professional services, but sometimes our mileage surcharge could approach hundred's of dollars, depending on your exact location from us. We have come up with a solution! We now offer a waiting list that you can add yourself to. This allows others to find people in a close vicinity to you that is looking for similar services, so that we can group together installs in a geographical area to minimize additional travel expenses by making a single trip, and splitting the mileage surcharge to a more budget friendly range for all parties involved.

If you wish to be placed on this list, please fill out the information to the right. This will give us all the info we need to coordinate a group installation. You will remain on this list until you contact us letting us know to remove you.

Below is our current waiting list:

ID Location Closest Lake Service Rqt'd
17 Saint Leonard, MD 20685-2121 Patuxent River/Chesapeake Bay Waketower Installation


If boat address is different than address above: